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Marketing targets
Brand equities
Campaign objectives

Financial targets

Legal framework

Talents & Production

Detailed Talent Profiles of Celebrities, Influencers, Ambassadors, …


Pricing Data
Content Production Costs
ROI Benchmark

Inspiring brands

Building truly inspiring brands which have …

… an unique voice that touches the hearts of their customers

… a face that reflects customers dreams and ambitions

… an authentic story that creates memories

A Brand that leverages talent to the maxx

Maximum value

Maximise brand impact with authentic talent that really fits

Customize best contracts for maximum use of talents & creative freedom

Optimize local and global talent exploitation

Lowest cost

Make sure one doesn’t overpay and underleverage with Market-Overview avoidance of overpay

Cut the slack out of complex talent handling processes

Better synergies, cost-avoidance, better ROI on all talent spends

Zero stress

Focus on the big picture, leave perfect execution to a strong partner

Benefit from an End-to-End process which handles all aspects of talentuse involving all relevant stakeholders (agency, talent, producers, legal, …)

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